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HSEtracker is a valuable asset to us and our clients.

In an effort to ensure company compliancy for all clients, Stratum-Norchief required a system of tracking Health, Safety and Environment information and simplified processes through technology.

The HSEtracker system has removed the need for multiple spreadsheets and reduced potential oversights that occur with administrative manual tracking. Being proactive in ensuring field consultants are compliant at all times is critical to effective consultant management.

All of Stratum-Norchief’s HSE information can be found in one location and is accessible to our administration anytime, anywhere. Our system is flexible so that customized and auto-generated summaries are transparently viewable for our clients. Maintaining the ever-changing requirements in the oil and gas industry can now be stress-free through Stratum-Norchief’s consultant management dashboard.

Each Stratum-Norchief consultant is given a unique QR (Quick Response) code, along with hard hat stickers and wallet sized plastic photo ID cards. Through the use of a smartphone, anyone can view the Stratum-Norchief consultant’s public field scan. Each of our consultants are registered with the client’s HSE requirements and are validated against these standards with real-time, current information available at all times.

As a leading field consultant management company, Stratum-Norchief ensures their clients and consultants are compliant with HSE legislation and standards.

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