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Stratum-Norchief takes pride in its ability to recruit the best suited consultant for your project.  

As part of our recruitment process, we will evaluate your request and present a list of consultants carefully selected to meet your needs.

Longevity has allowed Stratum-Norchief to accumulate an extensive database of hundreds of qualified consultants.

Thorough interviewing, in-depth reference checking and a one-on-one meeting with potential candidates are commitments we make to our clients. Building a relationship with our client helps us select the right candidates that are qualified and compliant to your needs and industry standards.

Areas of consultant expertise:

Please call us if you think we may be able to assist recruit an experienced consultant to meet your objectives.

  • Drilling

  • Workovers
  • Completions

  • Abandonments

  • Road and Lease Construction

  • Reclamation

  • Field Operators

  • Pipeline and Facility Inspection

  • Health & Safety Supervision

  • Camp Coordinators

  • Rig Coordinators

  • Field Administration Support

  • Environmental

  • In-House Consultants

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